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Patti Fox -- StarAngels

"Every person has within their own being the power to take control of their lives.
My goal is to help them awaken the force that lies deep within by freeing the mind,
the body and the soul to find the true joy of life."
~Patti Fox

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Patti Fox is certified as a hypnotherapist and a past life therapist. She is also a consultant, life coach, an author, a teacher and a lecturer. Following a successful career in marketing and sales, Patti devoted her energies full time to therapy and healing in 1989.

In 1978 Patti was recommended to the Silva Method. After an intensive two-year study course at the Long Island Center of Enlightenment, Patti worked throughout the Northeast, bringing her message of self-enlightenment and spiritual growth to audiences as diverse as retirees and at-risk children.

In 1991, she wrote a children's story and coloring book, The StarAngels Story, that tells how two angels come to earth to help the planet heal,  

In 1993, Patti relocated to the Los Angeles area. There she continued her work with organizations such as Free Arts for Abused Children and the Los Angeles County Probation and Sheriff's Departments as well as establishing a thriving private practice. Her success was further enhanced when, in 1995, she became the producer and host of "StarAngels 2000," a television program on self-healing and empowerment that was inspired by the message of The StarAngels Story. It was also in syndication in Denver.

In 1999, Patti went on sabbatical in Colorado to further energize herself, meditate and otherwise align herself in anticipation of the new millennium. Upon her return to California she continues her work. She conducts seminars on personal growth, stress reduction, creativity throughout the US.

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Certified as a Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., Patti conducts seminars, workshops and consults on behalf of numberous organizations -- a partial list follows:

  • National Hypnotherapy Association
  • Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Program (CA)
  • Kiwanis Clubs
  • Free Arts for Abused Children
  • Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
  • Los Angeles County Probation Department
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - STAR Program
  • Monmouth (NJ) Boys' Club
  • Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Credentials and Affiliations

  • American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Association for Research and Enlightenment
  • The Silva Method


"Your instruction on self-esteem allowed our campers to make an introspection of themselves that...will benefit them now and in the future."

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff, Los Angeles County, CA

"...the youngsters enjoyed the rare satisfaction of experiencing positive feelings about themselves through the sharing process you initiated."

Thomas S. Sobieszczyk, Monmouth Boys' Club

"By participating in Ms. Fox's workshops, most of the wards have enhanced their rehabilitation through application of the techniques presented by her. Her commitment to service to others is unquestionable."

Ruel Mizrachi, Director, Los Angeles County Probation Department

"Patti's spiritual energy is demonstrated through her abilities 'par excellence'."

Peter James, Paranormal Researcher, California 

"You touched many young people's lives. You are an outstanding facilitator."

Brad", Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Program, Santa Clarita, CA

"Patti is one of those rare persons that can give momentum to your soul in its push for freedom and understanding of life at many levels. I started to take new and exciting steps forward in my life as the awareness of my sense of self strengthened."

Eleanor Black

"Patti has a terrific rapport with children. She speaks to them with respect in terms they can understand. I am grateful for the work she has done with my children and me."

Mary Louise Mahoney Cohn

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Disclaimer: All information provided on this site is presented for general, educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or health care provider. Patti Fox does not make any medical diagnosis or promises to cure.


St Augustine, FL 32084