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Each of us is born with the ability to take charge of much of what happens with and to us. Patti's special skill is in helping people locate the centers of control that they have. Her seminars and workshops are infused with energy, insight and a light-hearted approach to self-growth that has delighted and informed audiences throughout the USA.

In seeking to reacquaint her audience with the magical inner child that is the guide to discovery and growth, Patti deals with serious subjects, but does it in a way that is thought-provoking and positive. In fact, she prefers to describe her programs as "playshops" rather than workshops. The goal is to create a sustainable, enjoyable experience that continues to guide audiences well beyond the few moments she is with them. The workshops, seminars, programs and many other subjects are dealt with in a positive, accepting atmosphere of fun and games.

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Seminars and Workshops
Angelic Guidance to Self Healing and Alternative Health Formats
Discover Your Magical Child
Creativity and Transformation
Healing and Past Life Regression: A fresh look at a controversial subject Formats

In addition to the subjects listed above, each topic presented in one of Patti's audio and DVD's tapes can be presented for programming to fit 30 or 60 minute programming needs.

Program Formats
All programs are offered in both lecture and seminar formats and vary in length from one to four hours, depending on subject and presentation format. In the lectures, typically presented to larger groups where extensive interaction is not feasible, Patti uses easily identifiable experiences from life to illustrate her message. Then she gives the audience ways to face up to the challenges by using the inner strength possessed by all of them.

The seminar format is tailored to smaller groups (15-25 persons) and involves much greater personal involvement, both by Patti and by the participants.

Her programs have been presented many times in both formats to companies and organizations as diverse as civic groups, correction departments, youth and seniors organizations and professional societies.

Program Overviews

Angelic Guidance to Self Healing
Modern medicine focuses on the treatment of symptoms, sometimes giving little, if any, attention to the underlying causes of the ailment. In Angelic Guidance to Self Healing, Patti uses examples from her own life to teach how to look beneath the surface and locate the chronic, pervasive conditions that lead to self-destructive behavior. By locating the source(s), the process of self healing can begin, reducing (and sometimes eliminating) the need for disruptive and invasive medical procedures.

Discover Your Magical Child
We all began life as innocent children, free of the concerns and stresses that often overwhelm us as adults and lead to self-destructive behavior. Discover Your Magical Child is a four-hour "Playshop" that encourages participants to revisit the fun and positive experiences of their childhood and learn from them. By reacquainting oneself with that child who still lives within us, participants learn that growth and healing can take place in a positive, happy context.

The Miracle Power of Your Mind
Stress is an ever present part of life. Improperly managed, it becomes one of the most destructive forces we encounter. The Miracle Power of Your Mind first identifies stress and examines its causes. Then it teaches ways to reduce the negative aspects of stress and redirect it into a positive force.

Healing and Past Life Regression
What is "past life regression?" Is it just a New-Age gimmick embraced by eccentric movie stars and other people with too much time on their hands? Patti doesn't think so and neither do a growing number of researchers into a phenomenon known as "cellular memory."


This program offers a fascinating look at both the mythology and science that underlie the "past life" phenomenon and suggests that we have conditions present at birth that can be identified and treated, leading to better mental and physical health. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, 'Healing and Past Life Regression' is a thought-provoking presentation that just may answer some of the questions that have been baffling you and your care providers.


The 12 Chakras Playshop

This program invites attendees to learn the levels of information that are connected to the chakras from different levels of consciousness, including the angels, planets, etc. associated to the chakras.


Disclaimer: All information provided on this site is presented for general, educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or health care provider.  Patti Fox does not make any medical diagnosis or promises to cure.


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